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Born Facilitator

"Joanne is a born facilitator.  Her training method is exciting and keeps the interest of everyone in the room. Her natural compassion is evident to her students, and in return they feel comfortable in her class. They feel free to ask questions and learn with no pressure or judgement being passed. " Lesley Blumley - CEO, Partner in Capacity Development

Truly love myself

“Joanne helped me to look within and really ask myself what makes me happy and what I really want. She taught me to truly love myself and that my happiness ultimately starts with me.” Cindy LeBrun, CEO - xposure

Fabulous meditation!

FABULOUS!! I felt such Loving kindness come through the spoken words, the nature sounds, and the gentle silence. Brought me to a place of playfulness and ease, so much needed right now. Will bookmark and share! Many thanks and Many Blessings! Lee- Insight Timer

Genuine Care and Interest

"Joanne's immediate ability to recognise my frustrations and identify the issues involved gave me great confidence in her ability to assist me with my career. Joanne's broad experience in life Industry Training gave me the support I could not find anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast. Her genuine care and interest in my personal growth is a very rare quality to be valued highly. If there were more life coaches with such devotion as Joanne Withnall, many single parents such as myself would have a much more positive approach to re-entering the workforce." Vanessa Bennee - Manager, Tulsi Trading. 

"That was phenomenal! I didn't want to leave my waterfall place. I will definitely be returning! Love, love, love." Leticia - Insight Timer

"Wow what a beautiful way to begin my day I know this feeling of Peace and Love will be with me all day Thank you" Yvonne - Insight Timer

"Wonderful meditation, Joanne...I feel so tranquil and at peace! Beautiful affirmation! Thank you! Will listen again!" Ray - Insight Timer


The most relaxing voice and Presence

“I was blessed to have a mutual friend introduce me to Jo a few months ago. I adore what talent this lady has to offer the world, the most relaxing voice and presence to create a perfect meditation setting each time she runs a workshop. Jo has been facilitator and a guest speaker at my space @bloominghealthystudio in Caloundra and what gratitude I have for her approach to life. I would highly recommend Jo and what her business offers”. Megan Limpus, Founder - Blooming Healthy Studio

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