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Meet Joanne Withnall...

She’s a mother, inspirational storyteller, mentor, meditation artist, philosopher, social entrepreneur and friend…

Joanne is passionate about finding happiness and purpose, and how to share that with the community.

Joanne Withnall has a Ph.D in Philosophy, specialising in Holistic Life Coaching and a Masters in Metaphysical Science.

She has experience in training, speaking, teaching and life coaching.  Having to deal with many difficult life events and traveling far and wide to find answers has focused her passion for self-healing and empowerment and she has a wealth of life experience and great stories to share.

The life skills and philosophies she has acquired through her life, triggered initially by the tragic death of her older brother when she was 8, have helped her become a well-balanced, compassionate and wise woman. And the skills she has acquired through her study and work make her a great teacher, facilitator, story teller and motivator.

With over 20 years experience facilitating and designing training packages in Business Management, Customer Service Excellence, Personal Development, Leadership and Life Balance, Joanne is committed to working with individuals, groups and organisations,  who want to develop a strong sense of positive self-esteem, life balance and mental happiness.

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Joanne covers challenging topics, that inspire us to reflect on our own role in the lives we create. Her knowledge is not for the faint hearted- it combines psychological and metaphysical research with a genuine belief that we can be the determining creative force in our own lives.

Joanne’s gift is to be able to express the often laughable ways that we have been conditioned to live in self-doubt,  worry, fear and stress- and then to invite us to release the old patterns and create a new life of health and happiness.


"Joannes's immediate ability to recognise my frustrations and identify the issues involved gave me great confidence in her ability to assist me with my career. Joanne's broad experience in life and Industry Training gave me the support I could not find anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast. Her genuine care and interest in my personal growth is a very rare quality to be valued highly. If there were more life coaches with such devotion as Joanne Withnall, many single parents such as myself would have a much more positive approach to re-entering the workforce." Vanessa Bennee - Manager, Tulsi Trading. 

"Joanne is a born facilitator.  Her training method id exciting and keeps the interest of everyone in the room. Her natural compassion is evident to her students, and in return they feel comfortable in her class. They feel free to ask questions and learn with no pressure or judgement being passed. " Lesley Blumley - CEO, Partner in Capacity Development

"Rapid growth and limited capital has meant that our staff were working extremely long hours and were experiencing considerable work stresses. This stress and imbalance between home and work life was having a detrimental affect on both the staff and the business. I was very pleased to learn that the training Joanne Withnall conducted specialised in helping staff plan for and achieve a more appropriate life balance. My wife and I spent some time discussing the training with Jo and quickly decided that this course would assist key Ferra staff greatly. Since the training was conducted, I have observed and become aware of many changes in the way these people have taken responsibility for better managing their own life balance. 

I have no hesitation in recommending this training to any organisation that wishes to help its staff achieve an appropriate balance between their work and home life.  I am convinced that by achieving a better balance it improves not only the employees home life and relationships but also their work performance. - Mark Scherrer, Managing Director Ferra Engineering, Australia